What's your soul searching for? What's missing in your life?
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The Definitive Guide to Finding Meaning and Living Your Purpose In Life & Career

  • Discover WHO you are!
  • Answer your SOUL's calling!
  • Gain clarity on what's NEXT in you life!
  • Follow your BLISS!

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Everything You Need For Your Journey

  • Get Unstuck

    Why waste any more time wallowing in self-pity, self-doubt and self-sabotage? Gain the confidence to unstick and free yourself!

  • Trash The Lies

    Why keep yourself small just because you believe the lies of lack and limitation? Discover how powerful you are so you can be it in the world!

  • Do What You Love

    With time-tested practices and exercise in the Handbook, you’ll discover what you love to do so you can go do it on day 1!

  • Lessons For Life

    What you discover about yourself will last a lifetime and take you into your most courageous, fulfilling and inspiring life experiences.

  • Comprehensive Self-Discovery

    Complete with workbook, guided meditations, video lessons and more, this Handbook will reveal who you are, what you want and how to create your dream life.

  • No Fluff

    This Handbook holds only the precise exercises that will give you clarity and direction on your soul’s path–and none of the fluff.

Regular $497  Today only $297

Get Started NowBegin the journey of your soul
M. Laurente

Yvette is nothing short of amazing. Her ability to be fully-present and be there FOR ME was so comforting. I genuinely felt that she was detached from everything that she had going on in her personal-life, and was fully engaged. Her energy was felt through the phone, and it helped me to go as deep as I did […]to help me gain the clarity I did. She is one of the most intuitive people I’ve worked with as well. She hears everything that’s going on, and listens to the silence and the unspoken words that often are the core of the break-thru we hope to gain. Yvette over-exceeded my expectations for the session – and I will absolutely continue to work with her in the future.

M. Laurente